Probe! | YoUX! - Usability & user experience… per ottimizzare l’interazione dell’utente col prodotto.

Usability & user experience to optimize the user interaction with the product.

It is the product area of UX by : we use it when we need to deeply understand the usability of an online product (institutional website, e-commerce, user interface of software and machinery), its ability to convey the brand values and to be part of the ecosystem created by that brand;

It is a quali-quantitiative approach that can be used both in the product designing/building phase and in the optimization one; the complete protocol includes:

– in-depth analysis of usability: Ethnographic face-to-face and remote observations of the product, face-to-face or remote thinking-aloud co-surfing, feedback analysis, log analysis, eye-tracking sessions;

-in-depth analysis of user experience and brand perception through the product: in-depth interviews during individual or group co-surfing sessions, stimulated net-nography (through product), projection analysis sessions.

Within the UX area, our usability & user experience tests can also be conducted using platforms our clients have a subscription to – should they wish to use them, for both budgetary reasons and results comparability.

We at  offer our clients the necessary know-how and skills to operate on the following platforms:
Hotjar; UserTesting; Maze; Lucky Orange; Userbrain, etc.

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