Probe! | Web-UP! - Piattaforma qualitativa online personalizzabile.

Working together with current or potential clients and following their point of view to achieve a real goal!

is an online qualitative product exclusively developed by on a proprietary platform. It analyzes all the nuances, aspects, opportunities and focuses that characterize a certain researched topic.

It is based on the interaction of 20-25 participants found  ad hoc without using sales panels; It relies on a topic outline that can be immediately adapted according to the client’s needs and to the pace of the discussion:

It allows to ask different questions according to the characteristics/reactions of any individual.

Discussions are enriched by several search tools available on the platform: projection tools, polls, mobility videos directly posted by the interviewees, separable fluxes, chains of items, ‘read all’ or ‘write before’ submitting modes.

Uses a platform that was specifically designed for research, GDPR approved, multi-language and customizable.

is completely available for PC and smartphone (responsive): moderator, interviewees and clients (in hidden mode) can easily combine their research activities with daily commitments.

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