Probe! | You(ng)Tuber! - Ricerca qualitativa online genitore-bambino.

A child-proof research.

The world of children has its own language that needs to be interpreted and understood. Today children are real experts in expressing concepts through videos:

– If we surf throughout the main social networks we can easily realize how hard children and teenagers want their opinions to be heard
– the most spontaneous way to do that is by emulating the great number of unboxing videos that we can find on the Web.

  is an online qualitative research approach that, thanks to platform, can anticipate and understand this spontaneous phenomenon.

By involving the parent-child relationship through the production of videos,
– the child is encouraged to actively participate without being forced.
– the result of this process is a product that can attract both a mother and her child thus providing the company with essential insights to conquer both targets.

The researcher has total and exclusive control of this online environment making it completely safe in terms of protection of minors.

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