About Us


Probe was born

Probe is an Italian institute that was born in Milan in 1997 as a group of research professionals: since then it has been evolving within quantitative and qualitative research fields.



Since the beginning the company has been characterized by its great internationality and its ability to deal with different cultural contexts. In 2005 it was one of the first to grab the opportunities offered by the new technologies within the quali-quantitative research fields.


Going International

For about 20 years Probe successfully took care of foreign clients, coming into contact with new research trends and new techniques for collecting data.


Going Italian

Since 2018 Probe has strengthen its presence in the Italian market by importing the expertise acquired abroad; today the company is characterized by a simple and proactive consulting approach, helping its clients and supporting their business choices.


Probe has become Probe!

The ongoing research process, that has always distinguished the core of the institution, has fully developed some different products of our own. These are what we proudly call Probe! “exclamation marks”.