Probe! | VOX! - Rilevazione basata su intelligenza artificiale.

Analyzing your customers’ daily life... while it is happening!

It is a way of collecting data that relies on an in cloud artificial intelligence system internally developed by Probe! - Inspiring Marketing Research: it consists of a web platform that is based on advanced features such as the ones of vocal assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Home…).

It allows to automatize both the submission of the questionnaire and the related data collection, thus integrating the survey with the interviewee’s daily life at the highest. Data are collected here and now.

the laboratory aspect of the research field is deactivated, since data are collected in the interviewee’s daily life environment;
– the survey is in real time, without the mediation created by memories
the system understands what is said and is able to make some choices based on that

It is a web-type feature that can be used on any device, especially on smartphones:

– it allows to collect data while moving, without the need of doing that in a specific physical place
– it can exploit the resources of a touch screen if the objective of the research requires that
– it allows the selected target to participate to the survey: through the exclusive link and credentials provided by Probe! - Inspiring Marketing Research

Try the VOX! demo versions

Test the two VOX! versions:
- interview in English ("Traveling in Italy")
- interview in Italian ("Working from home")

At the end of the demo version, a  dashboard  with interactive, overview charts will be displayed, along with the interview result – that can also be downloaded as a CSV file for MS Excel.

VOX! can be completely customized and branded

Log in using Google Chrome on Android devices.
Google Chrome on iOS devices to be available soon.

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